School Logos

After years of using many, well-known Indian images, the Hallsville Board of Education approved trademarked Indian images in December 2014. These logos make our District recognizable and identifiable within the communities around us.

These images are owned by the Hallsville School District.  Businesses, organizations, or private individuals wishing to use these trademarked images must first seek permission from the Hallsville District Communications Office. Unauthorized use of these images is not permitted.


  • Why are these new logos protected? The Indian images are powerful in our schools and community around us. Our district protects their integrity and monitors usage. Doing so instills a source a pride for students, families, patrons, and alumni of our schools. 
  • What do I need to do to use the images? Internal District employees should fill out an Internal Logo Request so the use of the logo is documented and to ensure the correct image and the best resolution file is utilized. External businesses or individuals seeking permission to use the trademarked logos must complete a Logo Licesnse Agreement and are subject to a $100 annual administration fee and quarterly royalties, as determined by the Hallsville Board of Education. In either situation, give us a call; our goal is to make this process user-friendly and as efficient as possible, while meeting our legal responsibility as the holders of the trademarked images. 
  • I already have a copy of the Indian head image; can I just use that? When the state trademark was issued in the fall of 2014, the Indian head was updated and now includes a "TM" designating the legal trademark. All reproductions associated with the District must be this updated, trademarked version which can be provided from the District Communications office. This will ensure your copy of the Indian head is the correct quality that you need for your project. 
  • Do I need permission if I want to use the logos on a product that I plan to sell or give away? Yes, all use of the trademarked logos must be authorized through the District Communications Office. 
  • Can I have shirts or hats printed up for my class reunion? Absolutely! Just coordinate with District Communications to be sure you have the approved copy of the logo you would like to use. Terms of use and any applicable licensing fee may apply.
  • I see Hallsville tshirts in popular retail stores in the area. How did they get these images? In June 2015, the Board of Education approved an agreement with LRGPRep which contracts with 58 big box retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Dick's Sporting Goods. Our District receives royalties on the items that they sell. This is the same process that many colleges use and also 97 high schools in Missouri are in the program.