There are several ways Hallsville notifies the community of weather-related cancellations, closings, or early dismissals:

  • Automated Calling System: We use our School Messenger automated system to make calls to all the phone numbers in our student information system. If you have a Parent Portal account, please make sure your contact information is correct. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, or you are unsure about this, your child's school can help check your phone number as correct.
  • App Notifications: Probably the most convenient way for a parent to receive school cancellation information is by downloading the free Hallsville R-IV app from the Google Play or iTunes store. This way, when the school message is sent out, you don't have to answer a phone call or check a voicemail because the notification pops up right on your phone. Be sure that you set your personal phone notifications to recognize when a message is sent. 
  • Social Media: We will post to our Facebook, Instagram (@hallsviller4) and Twitter (@Hallsviller4) as soon as the calling and app notifications have been sent. 
  • Local Media: Look for notifications on local stations: channel 17 KMIZ-TV, channel 8 KOMU-TV, channel 17 KMIZ-TV, channel 13 KRCGTV, and radio outlets: KFRU AM, KCLR/Y107 FM, KWWR, KRES 
  • Website: The website may not always be updated with closing/cancellation information. We recommend using one of the above options. 

Snow Days: Snow days are designated on the board-approved school calendar


Contact information

Matt Cooley, Transportation Director, (573) 696-5512 ext 332
Rick Forge, Assistant to the Transporation Director
Maribeth Frevert, Transportation Secretary, (573) 696-5512 ext 334