Attendance Calls

Attending school regularly matters! Absent students miss important learning opportunities so please help us verify your student absence.

The Hallsville District partners with School Messenger for attendance calls. Each morning around 10 a.m., attendance calls are sent out to parents of students who have an unverified absence. 

The recorded message reads as follows: 

  • Hello, this is a message from the Hallsville School District, calling to inform you that your student <<First Name>> <<Last Name>> was absent today.  Please contact the building office at 573-696-5512 to clear the absence, or send a signed note upon returning to school.  If you have already contacted the school office you can disregard this message.  If you would like to replay this message, please press the star key.  Thank you. 
If you choose to verify the absence in advance, you may send an email or note to school with your student or call the building offices to verify the student absence. 

The school phone number is (573) 696-5512.