4th Grade visits STEAM Bus

December 19 - Fourth graders loaded the Columbia Public Schools STEAM Bus to learn more about technology and coding using a micro:bit, a tiny, programmable computer. 

Working together, students created games like rock, paper, scissors and a Magic 8 Ball. They first coded the games and then programed a micro:bit to play the game. In less than an hour, they were brainstorming and learning, quickly picking up on tech jargon like JavaScript, variable, tool, and micro:bit. 

Collaboration and finding solutions were evident in conversations overheard, “See if you can figure it out,” and “What do we need to change?” STEAM focuses on inquiry, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning. 

Students used two, free websites to support their learning: microbit.org and sparkfun.com.

STEAM education focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The STEAM Bus offers technology and lessons that may not be available in school curriculum. The bus travels to CPS schools and afterschool programs, giving “students a space for creation and exploration in an encouraging, safe place that allows for tinkering, failure, and creativity.” 

For more information about the CPS Steam Bus or to reserve a trip from the bus, visit the CPS website.