Final Board work session outlines project options

January 9 - The future of Hallsville Schools became a little more real when plans for potential capital projects were shown in 3D photographs. Since the December work session and Board meeting, feedback was provided to the district’s architectural firm, Klingner & Associates. Plans, costs, and timelines were updated and presented to the crowd of 28 attendees at last night’s final Board work session.  

The firm shared another look at Primary School projects, which included:

  • Add two classrooms to the kindergarten wing
  • Add two classrooms to the first grade wing
  • Add a 2nd grade wing with 8 classrooms
  • Add a Primary School gymnasium

At its December meeting, the Board asked Klingner to prepare an additional option for the Primary School gymnasium. This option was presented at the third work session. The original request for seating for 800 people was still shown, with all seating located on the west side of the gym. Locker rooms were relocated to the east of the gym floor. This led to the creation of a second storm shelter area - one each on the east and west sides of the addition. The initial area for wrestling was not included in this proposal; however, the Board is seriously considering other options to house the wrestling program.

Klingner gave an a few options for the timeline of events, reminding all that construction jobs do take time and there are many components at play such as the school calendar, weather, bidding/award time, and, most importantly, open communication between the school and the firm. The current work with Klingner is complete until the April 3 election. If the no tax-rate increase bond passes, the district will secure bond financing and complete more negotiations with Klingner on the scope of the project. Although the 3D renderings look finished, there are still many details to work through, and the project could be prolonged until December of this year, considering time to bid projects and complete paperwork and negotiations. If so, bidding and award time would take place throughout January and February of 2019. Klingner stated that 12 months would likely be enough time to finish the project, which would lead into spring of 2020 sometime between March-May.

A review of costs was also presented, just over $7.3 million. Cost estimates from the December session and the January session were very similar but the numbers reflected more or less on particular projects. Original cost estimates were the same amount per square foot, no matter the project. For this session, the firm dug deeper into costs for the potential projects. The numbers presented are shown below. More cost estimates are available in Appendix 2 of the document linked below. 

All this information is still conceptual, and designs will continue to be modified with input from the district and stakeholders as the project moves forward.

The Board will make a decision on a ballot initiative proposal for the April 3 election in the next few weeks as ballot language is due to the county by January 23. The January Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, January 22 at 6:00 p.m. Any feedback regarding the projects can be emailed to or contact a representative at the school.

The full Project Narrative document is available below.