Winter Weather Reminders

January 10 - Hallsville School District Families: Winter is upon us and, as we all live in Missouri, we understand how unpredictable winter weather can be. As the Director of Transportation, a top priority of mine is the safety of our students, staff, and families. And when it comes to inclement weather, everyone’s health and well-being are at the center of my decisions. 

I work closely with the superintendent and the administrative team to make weather-related decisions. Regardless of what is taken into consideration, we realize that sometimes the decision made is supported and sometimes opposed. I know our decision cannot please everyone, but I want you to understand what helps guide our District’s choice in what’s best for our students and families. 

When extreme weather is imminent, I am actively investigating and monitoring the precipitation, temperature, wind chill, road conditions, and more. Additionally, I stay in contact with neighboring districts, and we get information from the National Weather Service and other sources to ensure I have the most comprehensive information available to inform my decision. Other administrators and I even drive the roads ourselves to assess the conditions.

When the information supports it, we make the decision we feel is best for Hallsville, which means it may differ from some of our neighboring districts. There are a number of reasons for decisions, including: 

  • the number of rural miles that buses need to travel
  • the number of students who walk to school
  • coordination with our bus maintenance supervisor
  • young drivers’ lack of experience in certain road/weather conditions
  • coordination of our food service operation (which provides the only warm meal(s) of the day for some students)

We also consider the ripple effect a “snow day” has on the entire community: not only for our nearly 1,400 students, approximately 200 employees and other contracted personnel, but for thousands of parents and family members, many of whom must go to work no matter the weather. Whatever decision is made, and we realize any decision will have those who disagree, it is made based on the best information available and in the best interest of our students and staff. With this in mind, I encourage you to create a plan for your family in the event of a school cancellation or early dismissal. I know these changes to our routine are disruptive and challenging for our families.

For information on inclement weather closures or cancellations, you will receive: 

  • a phone call and an email from the district. Both the call and the email will contain the same information so if you miss the call, please check your email rather than returning a call to the school.
  • an app push notification. If you do not have the school app, you can download it from the iTunes or App Store by searching for “Hallsville Schools.”
  • an update to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media pages.
  • notifications on local media: ABC17/KMIZ, KOMU8-TV, KRCG13-TV, KFRU AM, KWWR, KRES, and Zimmer Radio Stations.

Thank you for your support of the Hallsville School District, and your flexibility as we make our way through another Missouri winter.

Sincerely in Education,

Matthew Cooley
Director of Transportation