Board Meeting Highlights: January 22

January 23- The April 3 ballot and staffing options were two important topics of discussion at the January 22 Board of Education meeting. Below are highlights of items discussed during open session. The full agenda with document links is available on the district website.

Board Member Craig Stevenson also writes a Board Meeting update on his blog.


  • Board Members: Jon Bequette, Shanda Nichols, David Athon, Jessica Hassler, Bryan Wildenhain, Craig Stevenson. Absent - Becky Hoskins.

  • Administrators: Mr. Downs, Mr. Daly, Mr. Sides, Mr. Cooley, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Jimerson, Mrs. Maseman, Mr. Blakemore.

  • Faculty & Staff: Betsy O’Day, Amanda White, Kellie Austene, Kristie Wilson, Susan German, Amy Orscheln, Sherri Briedwell, Judy George, Marci Minor.

  • Other Gallery: Mayor Mickey Nichols, Tonya Schleeter, Logan Carter, Mike Hamilton, Paul Scheetz, Robbie & Holly Ketchum, Jessica Cobb, Trynton Roberts, BoE Student Rep Jacob Harmon, Andrew from Capital Paving.


  • Board of Education: Superintendent Downs thanked the Hallsville Board of Education members for their volunteer service to our district and presented them with certificates from the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA). “We appreciate the dedication and time that you provide to the children of Hallsville and the Hallsville community.”


  • A representative from Capital Paving asked for more information regarding the rating system for campus asphalt repair RFPs and requested time to go over the information.

CONSENT AGENDA: Discussion Items

  • C. Budget Amendment: Discussion on School Resource Officer (SRO) payment and ACT payment for interested juniors.

  • D. Authorization for payment of bills: Questions regarding basketball video, some tech equipment, payment of donated scoreboard, Klingner invoices to cover contract, high jump supplies for track & field program, annual renewal fee for SISK12, and final Alamo Bowl trip payment.

  • E. Evaluation of Food Service Program: A board member would be interested to hear about food choices from some of the secondary students. A board member complimented the introduction of Nutrislice program and the app to inform parents of the menu choices with selections for students, especially those who may have food allergies.The district recently posted a RFP for the food services program and plans to have a proposal for the February meeting.

  • F. Evaluation of School Climate: This has been tabled to next month.


Items discussed below can be viewed on the website in district reports.

  • Administrative Salary Schedule (Superintendent Update, page 1): Last month, there was a brief discussion on potential salary ranges for administrative positions. This topic was last discussed by the Board in 2015 and no action was taken. Upon the Board’s request, Mr. Downs will research current pay at comparable districts and present updated ranges for consideration.

  • Campus Safety (MS Report, page 5): Sometimes doors are found unlocked when outside organizations are holding events. Also discussed, safety locks for the MS arrived in late December, and OPS will begin installing them.


  • School District Foundation (Item 9A): A prospective board of nine continues to meet monthly to set up the Hallsville Public School Foundation, which will offer another source of revenue to support district teachers, students, classrooms, and programs. The Articles of Incorporation are ready to be filed. Bylaws are almost complete. A bank account was set up in December and the foundation will be applying for 501(c)(3) status soon.

  • Capital Improvements (Item 9B): Superintendent Downs offered a summary of the three Board work sessions that were recently held to inform the general public and solicit input from stakeholders on potential construction at Hallsville Primary and other facilities’ needs. The overview is posted here.   

  • Asphalt Repair Proposals (Item 9C): The district let a Request for Proposals (RFP) for asphalt repair and restriping work. Three responses were received: Frech Paving Co., Christensen Construction Co., and Capital Paving and Construction LLC. All proposals were evaluated by the district using the criteria provided in the RFP document. The Board selected Christensen Construction Co. Next, a contract will be developed and presented for approval at the February meeting.

  • Staffing Proposals (Item 9D): Since last fall, the Board has been discussing staffing options in reference to restructuring the district administrative team and Central Office staff. In addition to an Assistant Superintendent vacancy for almost two years, the district is also insufficient per DESE guidelines for an Assistant Principal position at Hallsville Intermediate and deficient in the number of administrators per districts of comparable size. For the fourth consecutive month, the Board once again reviewed DESE standards, comparable district administrative teams, and budget projections through 2020. The Board approved staffing option “Y” to add a K-5 Assistant Principal, Director of Operations, and a Central Office Business Manager. A copy of the staffing options and projections, along with position job descriptions, and staffing ratio comparisons are all available on the board agenda under item 9D.



  • Approve Resolution Calling for Bond Issue: The BoE approved a resolution calling an election to be held in the district on April 3, 2018 on the question whether to issue general obligation bonds of the district. The district decided on the number $7 million for a no tax-rate increase bond on the April ballot. 

  • Approve April 3, 2018 Ballot & Notice of Election: The notice of election, including five individuals vying for two Board seats and a bond initiative, was approved and can be viewed here.

  • Board Policies & Regulations: This was the first reading for board policies and regulations. The BoE will vote on them next month.

Accessing Board Meeting Information

Board of Education meeting agendas are available on the school district website by date. The next regular session meeting is Monday, February 19, at 6:00 p.m.

Any questions or comments can be forwarded to