Boone County Mental Health Coalialition

Boone County School Districts in partnership with MU receive funding from the Children Services Tax Fund to help support the social and emotional health of our students.  This partnership, referred to as the Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition has several school mental health professionals that work in our schools. The Coalition promotes students’ social and emotional health and seeks to develop positive peer and adult relationships, effective problem-solving and social skills, as well as successful coping strategies for students.


Students in grades 3 through 12 will complete a brief student checklist three times per year. Completing the checklist will not interfere with academic instruction and takes only 10-15 minutes. The checklist will ask students about their experiences with peers, their emotions, and social behavior. The information will be used to guide prevention efforts in our schools.


Our partnership with the Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition allows us to work collaboratively to support and improve the lives of the children and youth of Boone County. If you have any questions about our partnership, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's building principal.