Thanksgiving Feast

November 28 - We love welcoming visitors into our school! Thanks to all who stopped by to share a meal with our students during the Primary Thanksgiving Feast last week! Our OPAA staff fed 467 people over two days. 135 were visitors to our school! Thanks for coming!

November Shining Stars

November 18 - Primary students were recognized as "Shining Stars" at today's assembly. Students honored their country and school by beginning the assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance and then the Primary School Pledge. Mrs.

Kindergartners practice thanksgiving

November 17 - "Take a moment and look at your friend's artwork and tell them one thing you like about it," Mrs. Allee kindly instructed her kindergarten class. Compliments erupted around the room.

Primary students honor Veterans

November 14 - The annual Hallsville Schools Veterans Day program kicked off at Hallsville Primary last Thursday, November 10.

Primary students adopt a cow

October 31 - “Lilly Snowflake,” first-grader Samuel Winarski verified the name of the cow that students in Mrs. Hague’s class adopted through the St. Louis Dairy Council.

October Shining Stars

October 21 - Primary students were honored as "Shining Stars" at today's assembly. To be nominated, students receive a star when they are caught displaying respect, responsibility, or safety. Once a week, student names are drawn, and those students are named Shining Stars.

KOMU Daily Pledge

October 18 - KOMU made an annual visit to film Hallsville Primary students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for the morning TV segment entitled “The Daily Pledge.” You can see the entire KOMU Pledge calendar on their website.

Book Fair

October 17 - Hallsville Primary will have their first book fair on Monday, October 24 thru Thursday, October 27.

Boone County Fire teaches fire safety

October 7 - First grade students showed off their knowledge of what to do during a fire emergency when two Boone County firefighters stopped by school today.

DESE grant provides free snacks

September 29 - Kindergarten and first graders are expanding their love for fruits and vegetables.


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