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Student PowerPoint Presentations on the Government

The students in Mrs. Blevins' class used our web page, books from the library, and posters in the classroom to research the three branches of government. After collecting information on the three branches, they turned their research into a PowerPoint presentation and presented their PowerPoints to their fellow students in the classroom and two visiting teachers from another school interested in learning about our eMINTS program.

Andrew H. and Lexi Andrew B. and Jesse
Ashley and Mikaela Chloe and Dakota
Elizabeth and Kelsey Hope and Jaxon
Jaydon Ralph and Jese
Mason and Will Maria and Mattie
Cole and Nelson Seth and Tyrel

Assessment: Click here for the Scoring Guide

Student Movies about George Washington

For one of our Guided Reading lessons, we read George Washington's Birthday. The genre of this book is historical fiction. To learn about historical fiction, we decided to separate what was fiction from nonfiction about George Washington by putting the nonfiction information from the story in a movie about George using Movie Maker. Below are the movies about George using the nonfiction information from the story.

Andrew H. and Hope Maria
Cole and Jaxon Ashley and Mattie
Will and Jesse Seth and Tyrel
Mason and Ralph Chloe and Elizabeth
Kelsey and Dakota Lexi and Mikaela
Nelson and Jese Andrew B. and Jaydon

Scoring Guide for Movie Maker Presentations on George Washington:
Click here for the Scoring Guide

Spirit Assembly

Every month we have a Spirit Assembly to celebrate our good character and behavior in the school. Each classroom earns points for their good character. In January, the third grade had the privilege of hosting the Spirit Assembly. We decided to see how many points each class had earned and reported our findings at the Spirit Assembly. The students in our class collected the data, turned the data into an Excel graph, and transferred the graph to a PowerPoint presentation for the Spirit Assembly. The students calculated the mean, median, mode, range, maximum and minimum numbers for the data and included that information in their presentations. Below is the PowerPoint presentation that the students presented at our Spirit Assembly.


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