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This page was made by Mrs. Stillwell's 3rd Grade Class as a special project for the 2005-2006 school year.

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Fact Monster: To the Rescue Boone County Fire Department Emergency Preparedness
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Interview with Scott Olsen, Boone County Fire District Assistant Chief (Intro)
May 10, 2006
Our class asked questions about earthquakes, blizzards, tornados, wildfires, floods, bomb threats, and explosions. Here are our questions and the recording of Mr. Olsen's answers.
(We were at Tribble Park, so we apologize for the wind interference.)

Question Answer with Sound Clip Other Information
How do you get prepared for a blizzard?(Rylie and Jillian) Have at least 3 days worth of food and water to sustain yourself.
What would I do if I were in an earthquake?(Lenore and Peyton) Get under a table or desk until shaking stops.
What would happen if you were in a boat and an earthquake happened? (Olivia and Kortney Not much would happen, but you would wait until it had calmed down and then get to shore.
What should I do in a flood? (Peyton and Lenore) Find a high, dry spot and wait until help comes.
If you were sleeping and there was a tornado and a friend tried to call to warn you and you didn't wake up to answer it, what would happen? (Natalie and Cortney) Hopefully, you would hear the tornado siren or have a weather radio alarm that would wake you up.
What would you need to have to be ready for a tornado? (Cortney and Natalie) Shelter in a inside room or basement, three days of food, pillows and blankets to put over your head.
What do you do if there is an emergency when you are camping? (Olivia and Kortney) If you are camping, you need to know where you are going, how to get back and how long you are going to be gone.  Tell someone before you go.  
What would the city do if there was a wildfire?  (Gabe and Glen) Like any kind of fire, first, get out of the area. Boone County Wildfire Program

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