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(A project of Mrs.
Stillwell's 2005-06 3rd Grade Class)

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A WebQuest is an inquiry-based learning activity in which students interact with Internet sites and other resources carefully selected to expand their knowledge. We will use WebQuests to guide our learning to go beyond fact-finding. In our WebQuests, we will use information along with creativity and critical-thinking skills to solve problems, perform tasks, and present solutions. Part of the WebQuest process will be presenting information learned often using programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word or Dreamweaver.

WebQuest Resources

The WebQuest Place
Cindy Matzat
WebQuest Academy
Warrensburg, MO
Bernie Dodge's Quest Garden
- 30-day free trial
Webquest Templates Quest Garden
Internet4Classrooms WebQuest

WebQuest Collections

Created by eMINTS Teachers Bernie Dodge WebQuest Portal Show Me the Webquests
Internet4Classrooms WebQuests & Lessons
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Example WebQuests

Power! Power!
We Need More Power!

An Energy WebQuest for 3rd-6th grades
by Mrs. Stillwell, March 2001 - updated 2006

Signs of Spring

An Ecology WebQuest for younger children

by Mrs. Stillwell, March 2000 - Updated 2007
to include global warming issue.

Wonderful Web Weather
Evaluate the accuracy of Weather Forecast Sites

Edited for use in Hallsville, MO by
Mrs. Stillwell, February 2001
, updated 2005
based on Jason Parrish's http://www.memphis-schools.k12.tn.us/admin/tlapages/Weather.htm
Capturing Missouri's Regions

Edited by Jolyn Gravish
Hallsville 4th Grade eMINTS Teacher, Fall 2006
Designed by Merrie Williams ypp149@mail.connect.more.net

Treasures of the Past
A WebQuest on Famous Americans

Edited by Sherri Briedwell
Hallsville 4th Grade eMINTS Teacher, 2005
Designed by Yvonne Rios, Willard, MO
Mystery Fish
Aquatic Studies

Edited by Jolyn Gravish
Hallsville 4th Grade eMINTS Teacher, 2005
Designed by Leigh Pemberton
Hallsville MO , 2002

Simple Machines Quest

by Susie Hulse & Amy Bartlett
Hallsville 4th Grade eMINTS Teachers, 2006-07

Plant & Animal Classification Web Study

by Betsy O'Day
Hallsville 5th Grade Teacher, 2007

A Rainforest WebQuest

by Donna Blevins
Hallsville 3rd Grade Teacher, Fall 2006

Chickens Aren't the Only Ones!  Study animals that hatch from eggs Cinco de Mayo 
by Cheryl Cox, Hatch Elementary in New Mexico
Homeward Bound 
A WebQuest on 6 Different Environments
Migration:  Journeys of Life
Geography and Science come together in this WebQuest
Animal Webquest  

updated June 20, 2007

Suzanne Stillwell
Hallsville District Educational Technology Specialist
411 E. Hwy 124
Hallsville, MO 65255

Phone: 573-696-5512, ext. 329