Anatomy Units

Introduction to Anatomy:

Medical Terminology

WebAnatomy- University of Minnesota (Self-Tests)

     -Anatomical Terminology
     -Animal Cell Parts Review
     -Cell Cycle Review
     -DNA Review
Tissues: Histology Images
     -Tissue Slide Observations
     -Tissue Descriptions
Integumentary System:  
     -Skin Diseases
Skeletal System:

Skeleton Tutorial

Skull Tutorial

     -Bones: Body & Skull
     -Joint Movement
     -Bone Disorders
Muscular System:

Muscles and their Actions

Master Muscle List

     -Muscle Disorders
Nervous System:

Study Your Spinal Nerves

Sheep Brain Dissection Demo

Sheep Brain

Brain and Spinal Cord Models

The New Science of Addiction

     -Reflex Arc
     -Parts of Brain
     -Affects of Drugs on Brain
Special Senses:

Cow Eye Dissection

Ear Model

Eye Model

     -5 Senses
Endocrine System:  
Blood: Genes and Blood Types
     -Blood Typing
     -Blood Pattern Anlaysis
Cardiovascular System:

Pig Heart Dissection

Heart Tutorial

Understanding ECG's

EKG Identification

     -Blood Pressure/Heart Rate
Digestive System:

Stomach Model

Liver Model

     -Digestive Pathway
Respiratory System: Lung Model
Reproductive System: Reproductive Models
     -Reproductive Organs



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