Board Work Session #2 Recap: Dec 18

December 19 - Last night, the Hallsville Board of Education held a second work session regarding potential capital projects.

Superintendent Downs opened with a presentation, recapping the first work session, bonding capacity, and the district’s direction after receiving public feedback. Following, representatives from the architectural and engineering firm, Klingner, offered updated presentations for possible projects that could include the addition of classrooms at the Primary School, a gymnasium at the Primary School, and a phased approach for Hallsville Middle School. 


Options included construction of a wing and a possible addition of classrooms to alleviate elementary school crowding. The Intermediate School is at 109% design capacity. Second graders would then be housed in the Primary School.

Classroom Goals:

  • Provide 8 classrooms (a new wing) for second grade.
  • Add additional classrooms to the kindergarten (2) and first grade (2) wings.

Gymnasium Goals:

  • Provide multi-purpose gym area to accommodate physical education classes while lunch is served in the cafeteria. Simultaneous lunch service and physical education classes are necessary if second grade is relocated to this building.
  • Provide a facility for extracurricular activity events and practices to reduce the demand on other District facilities.


An alternate phased Middle School approach was proposed. This plan was created to better meet district needs within the statutory limitations of our bonding capacity.


  • Provide a middle school building that provides an improved learning environment for middle school students. 
  • The current area allocated for the middle school curriculum is insufficient and additional area for the middle school is required. 

The phased approaches that were presented are potential plans for implementation over the next several years. The district will continue to search solutions for challenges related to increasing enrollment, aging and deficient facilites, and insufficient budge allocations for capital maintenance and improvement.

  • Phase 1: Demolition of the current middle school offices, ISS room, and Central Office area. Construct six classrooms, possibly a media center, and Central Office space. The band room could be moved to the existing media center area.
  • Phase 2: Partial demolition of the existing band room to expand the kitchen and cafeteria area.
  • Phase 3: Demolition of the middle school south wing (minus science classrooms). Construction of a new south wing.
  • Phase 4: Renovation of existing north hallway or demolition of the north hallway and addition of new classrooms.

Feedback from the session will be collected until tomorrow, December 20 at noon. Email the Work Session #2 Feedback to

The Board of Education will hold its December meeting tomorrow night, December 20, at 6:30 p.m. The next Board Work Session will be Monday, January 8 at Hallsville Primary.