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Hallsville High School Activities

Hallsville High School offers a diverse array of activities and clubs to engage students and enrich their high school experience. Our clubs include Art Club, Band, Choir, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, International Thespian Society, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Student Council, Quiz Bowl, Yearbook, WYSE, and GSA. These opportunities allow students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships. Whether you're interested in the arts, leadership, academics, or service, Hallsville High School has something for everyone. Join a club and become an active part of our vibrant school community!

  • The Art Club at Hallsville High School provides students with a creative outlet to explore various art forms and techniques. Members collaborate on projects, participate in art shows, and contribute to the school’s artistic community.

  • FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) at Hallsville High School empowers students to develop leadership skills and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Members participate in community service projects, competitions, and leadership development activities, preparing them for future careers and community involvement.

  • Hallsville High School's FFA chapter provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and agricultural knowledge through hands-on experiences and community involvement. In addition to traditional FFA activities, members can join our BBQ team to learn culinary skills and compete in cooking competitions or participate in our Trapshooting team to enhance their marksmanship and safety skills. These unique opportunities allow students to explore diverse interests within the agricultural field while building camaraderie and practical skills.

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the business club at Hallsville High School. As a club, we aim to develop competent business leadership, strengthen students' confidence in themselves and their work, and create more interest in and understanding American business enterprises. Our main activity each year is preparing for and participating in competitive events. Our district competition is held each year in February, and there are various events to choose from. Those students who perform well can advance to the state competition in April. 

  • The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Hallsville High School provides a supportive and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. Through advocacy, education, and community-building activities, GSA fosters a safe environment where members can express themselves authentically and promote acceptance and understanding throughout the school. GSA encourages dialogue, hosts events, and participates in initiatives celebrating diversity and promoting equality, contributing to a more inclusive school community.

  • The International Thespian Society at Hallsville High School is a vibrant community for students passionate about theater and performance arts. Members collaborate on and offstage to produce a fall musical and a spring play, showcasing their acting, directing, stage management, and technical production talents. Through these productions, students gain invaluable experience in theater arts, fostering creativity, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

  • National Honor Society is an organization based on four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students must maintain good standing in all four pillars of NHS to be invited to join. After being invited to join (generally at the end of their sophomore year), applications are reviewed by a faculty advisory committee. If the committee approves the application, the students will be inducted into the National Honor Society in the spring. While in the organization, students must maintain a high-standing GPA, service, leadership, and character. Our organization does a lot of service projects and helps out our community throughout the year. Some of our main service projects include sponsoring blood drives for the American Red Cross and cooking for the Ronald McDonald House. 

  • The Spanish Club at Hallsville High School offers students an immersive cultural experience focused on the Spanish-speaking world. Through activities like hosting a Dia de los Muertos Celebration, members explore traditions, cuisine, and customs that enrich their understanding of Hispanic cultures. The club provides a welcoming environment where students can practice Spanish, engage in cultural exchange, and deepen their appreciation for diversity and global perspectives.

  • The Student Council at Hallsville High School is a dedicated group of student leaders committed to representing their peers and enhancing school life. Elected members organize events, advocate for student interests, and promote school spirit throughout the year. By fostering a sense of community and responsibility, Student Council empowers students to positively impact campus and build valuable leadership skills for their future endeavors.

  • Quiz Bowl, also called Scholar Bowl, is a team competition where four students compete against teams from other schools to test their knowledge about academic material related to the Missouri curriculum and content.  Most matches last between 20-30 minutes, and teams can play up to 12 matches at a tournament.  For the state of Missouri, there are weeknight and weekend tournaments along with district, sectional, and state-level tournaments.  There are also National tournaments that take place for both small schools (student enrollment under 700 students) and all schools (no enrollment restrictions).

  • Yearbook is a co-curricular club with a school course component and traditional club features. Students must apply to join this program. During the year, students create, edit, and publish the school yearbook. Yearbook staff are also instrumental in selling books, selling advertisements, taking digital photographs, writing and editing stories, and designing layouts.

  • WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) is a science and engineering competition where students compete against teams from other schools in 7 different academic areas related to science or engineering.  Schools start out in sectional competitions and can advance to regional competitions.  From there, teams can advance to the State competition.

  • Hallsville High School's band program features two distinct groups: the concert band and the Indian Pride Marching Band. Both bands actively participate in competitions where students showcase their musical talents and commitment to excellence in performance.

  • Concert Choir: Our inclusive high school choir class welcomes all students, regardless of experience level. Students learn to read and sing music in multiple parts across diverse genres. The choir performs at fall and spring concerts, and selected members participate in Conference Choir and District and State Contests.

    Chamber Choir: Our auditioned high school choir class focuses on advanced musical skills across various genres. In addition to fall and spring concerts, Chamber Choir performs in the fall musical and sings the National Anthem at school events. Selected members also participate in Conference Choir and represent our school at District and State Contests, showcasing their talent and dedication to musical excellence.