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Winter Weather: AMI & Monday Make Up Days

Winter Weather: AMI & Monday Make Up Days

When extreme weather is imminent, the superintendent and administrative team members actively investigate and monitor the precipitation, temperature, wind chill, road conditions, and more. Additionally, we stay in contact with neighboring districts and get information from the National Weather Service and other sources to ensure we have the most comprehensive information available to inform our decision. The superintendent and operations department even drive the roads to assess the conditions.


When the information supports it, we make the decision we feel is best for Hallsville, which means it may differ from some of our neighboring districts. There are several reasons for decisions, including: 

  • the number of rural miles that buses need to travel
  • the number of students who walk to school
  • coordination with our bus maintenance supervisor
  • young drivers’ lack of experience in certain road/weather conditions
  • coordination of our food service operation (which provides the only warm meal(s) of the day for some students)

Whatever decision is made, and we realize any decision will have those who disagree, it is made based on the best information available and in the best interest of our students and staff. With this in mind, we encourage families to create a plan for in the event of a school 2 hour delay, cancellation or early dismissal. I know these changes to our routine are disruptive and challenging for our families.


For information on inclement weather closures, delays, or cancellations, you will receive the following: 

  • ParentSquare app notification 
  • A phone call and an email from the district. The phone call and the email will contain the same information, so if you miss the call, please check your email rather than returning a call to the school.
  • notifications on local media: ABC17/KMIZ, KOMU 8-TV, KRCG 13-TV, KFRU AM, and Zimmer Radio Stations.
  • an update to our Facebook and Instagram social media pages
  • In the event of a 2-hour delay, schools will open two hours later than normal. Transportation will also run two hours later. Please read the 2-Hour Delayed Start document for additional information. 

  • As the school calendar indicates, Mondays could be used as inclement weather make-up days.  The district will notify all families in advance if a Monday will be used as a student make-up day. 

    In addition, the Missouri Department of Education (DESE) allows school districts to implement Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) when school buildings are closed due to sudden, unexpected short-term closures such as utility outages or inclement weather. AMI can be used to make up 36 hours of lost instructional time. During an AMI day, students will complete specific school work at home as assigned by their classroom teachers. 

    When a decision is made to cancel school due to inclement weather, the district will send notifications through ParentSquare.  The district will state whether it is a traditional snow day or if the district will implement an AMI day.  If the district does not implement an AMI day, students will not have any assigned work to complete, and there is a possibility of a Monday being assigned as a make-up day at a later date. 

  • Elementary students (Full Day PreK-5) will utilize “Literacy-Math-Create” choice boards. Teachers will provide a paper packet for each student and send a message on ParentSquare on the morning of the closure. These choice boards will have specific instructions on learning activities your child will need to complete.  If you have technology at home, students can complete those choice board tasks. The completed and signed choice board will serve as student attendance for days not in attendance due to a short-term closure. Students enrolled in half day ECSE preschool are not required to complete the “Literacy-Math-Create” choice boards.

    Secondary students (grades 6-12) will receive their assignments through their teachers’ Google Classrooms. Completed assignments will serve as student attendance for days not in attendance due to a short-term closure. For secondary students needing a home hotspot, please contact Mrs. Baker in the media center.  

    Students will be held accountable for completing assigned work. Teachers will check for understanding in various ways, including collecting the lessons and activities the next day of attendance, having students submit them electronically, or checking the log of electronic/web-based/app activities for completion.  Per DESE, all AMI assignments must be submitted the next day of in-seat attendance.  Assignments not submitted by the second school day upon return will be marked as a student absence.

    Please contact your child’s teacher or building principal if you have any questions.